Since Ullmax started in Sweden in 2003 it has because of its choice of means of distribution given sports associations a very good income. Ullmax allows sports associations to use a complete concept and there after use their contacts to sell functional and affordable underwear and socks that despite its low price is high quality products. The price can be kept low because we choose to be our own wholesale and not sell it in stores but only through the voluntary sector and allow the proceeds to go there.

When we at the Wilderness Fair in Stockholm were approached by Klara and Evelynn with a request if we could put up to provide them with some products from our collection, it was not obvious for us to answer yes. This is a form of sponsorship which we are normally very restrained, but after listening to the girls in 2 minutes the choice was simple. Who can resist so keen and ambitious girls? We really wish them a pleasant journey, and keep the heat with Ullmax!


Nautic AB - Chart, Marine Electronics, Literature and clothing.

Life on the water is part of an entire lifestyle, which everybody knows who owns a boat. As recreational fishermen or boat owners, the right choice of equipment, is essential for you to feel safe. Current and worldwide charts, sonar and GPS navigators are just some of the accessories you'll find in our stores. In addition to our products, we can of course help with desired service, installations and assembly if needed. At us you'll find both useful and inspiring products and complete solutions that make it easier and more enjoyable for you.


Ekokraft Sweden

Provides energy solutions for outdoor people, whether they spend their free time in the summer cottage or in the mountains, or why not in a kayak outside the coast of Norway.



Point65 - Whiskey 18

Much has happened with Point65 the last few years. When we paddled around the coast of Sweden in 2005, we paddled in kayaks from Point65's older model range. Now the conditions are quite different and we need kayaks that can withstand extremely tough conditions and therefore we chose Point65. Nigel Foster has joined Point65 and Whisky 18 is one of his creations. Whisky 18 is a major expedition kayak, it loads a lot, behave safely even when the weather is not with us and will give us a lot of fun moments at sea when the expected northern wind takes in. Whiskey 18 is a scoundrel at surfing the waves! We have chosen to use both rudder and skeg even though the kayak normally do not need the rudder.



Werner Paddle from the U.S. is considered by many as one of the most well made paddles in the world. We agree. Both quality, weight and the feeling in the water is super and we have chosen to paddle with Cyprus (weight 650g ), a paddle completely made of carbon fiber. All the paddles are easy to share, thanks to Werner patented sharing system that works very well. We also have with us two extra paddles of the model Little Dipper.


Much of our clothing during the expedition comes from NRS, USA. NRS has a huge range of products and it was almost hard to not too much. We are supposed to be able to paddle too.

We use multi-layer principle and in warmer weather we will use NRS Hydro Skin. A smooth super thin (0.5 mm) neoprene material keeps the heat well. During the colder days, we can use the paddle jacket, NRS Motion Soft Shell, or the dry suit, Inversion. Also life jackets, gloves, etc comes from NRS.




This brand has been on the Swedish market for over five years and here we found accessories that will play an important role during the paddling. For example waterproof bags, map case, paddle floats, paddle leash etc. The paddle float, which we hope we won’t need to use so often, has a dual chamber as extra security.



Pentax  is a member company of the HOYA Corporation, which has a  global turnover of nearly $50 billion US and around 35,000 staff worldwide.  It is one of the world's leading suppliers of innovative and indispensable high-technology optical products.

Pentax providing compact and digital SLR cameras, interchangeable lenses and binoculars.


Trek´n Eat

Trek’n Eat has a unique range of freeze-dried outdoor food that enables cooking complete meals by just adding hot water. Freeze-dired food preserves taste and vitamins much better than traditional instant food. The range of meals from Trek’n Eat is wide offering breakfast meals, main dishes, desserts as well as snacks and accessories.



Optimus has manufactured outdoor stoves since 1899. The stoves are designed using more than 100 years of experience combined with a burning passion for outdoor cooking. Several models have been internationally awarded thanks to their safe and user friendly design.



Together, we make the  dream come true! Team Herbalife is changing people's lives worldwide. The fact that Herbalife and our distributors participates in sporting events in the amateur and professional level favors an active lifestyle, provides an opportunity to let people try the products and helps to create brand awareness.

Click on www.produkterna.info and let us show what we can do for you.