I am 24 years old and live in Odense, Denmark, where I study medicin. I have lived here for three years and begin on the seventh semester this spring, and thus have five semesters left. I was born and raised in Norrtälje, but chose to go to the Rescue High School in Kramfors. It was here I got to know Evelynn. During high school I decided to do the military service, so I did. It was probably during this time that the idea of paddling a kayak around the coast of Sweden was born. That was the best summer of my life.

During the paddling, I was informed that I had been enrolled at the medical education in Denmark beginning spring 06, but also that I had been enrolled at the biomedical program in Uppsala in the autumn of 05. I moved to Uppsala and lived there for one semester before I moved down to Odense. Unfortunately, Odense is not the world's best paddling town, but on the other hand, you don’t have all the time in the world for such things when you are studying.

I have always loved nature and especially the sea. I have also always loved adventures and I am too curious to not find out what is hiding beyond the next cape. That paddling became a major interest is probably a bit of a coincidence. I have my dad who is a happy kayak enthusiast to thank. Without him, I probably would have never noticed how incredibly wonderful, exciting, scary paddling can be. You can choose to paddle to relax and just enjoy nature and tranquility or you can make it a physical and mental challenge.

After having studied for three years, I feel I need something new. I love what I study but I want to take a break and just do something completely different. One thing I know I love to do and with someone who I know is crazy enough to want to do it with me.

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