I am a 24-year-old student living in Lund, Sweden, where I study Civil Engineering, Risk Management and I also study to become a Fire Protection Engineer. I have studied for six semesters and there have been many hours of late night studying. In the future, I aim to take my degree and then work with issues that passionate me. I have now finished half of my education and it seems to me like it’s time for a new challenge outside the school. That it became a kayak was not a matter of course. During six months I lived in Kalmar where I graduated in ship class VII and was a member of Kalmar canoe club. This year, I learned  alot about ships, navigation, security and a lot of oceanic knowledge. What fascinates me with kayak is probably more of the symbiosis with the sea and the weather than just the kayak, but of course I have, after many hours in the cockpit a preference to just kayak. The challenge I have before me is not only physically demanding but also mental. Of me, this requires quick decisions, patience and, not least, very much courage. I'm more durable than a 100-meter runner.

I grew up in the country with lots of animals, nature and large family, outside a small coastal town in Småland. I believe in myself, therefore I go my own way and follow my dreams (to be grown up in the country makes you a little special). I moved up to Sandö outside Kramfors, to go to the Rescue High School and that was where I met Klara.

After three years in the North it was time to see the world. I have traveled around in countries like Russia, China, India, New Zealand, Australia, Italy. To experience other countries and to take part of their culture feels like a great privilege, since only a few of the world's population are able to affirm their desires. For a time I worked in Monaco and it was about that time, me and my friend Klara got a crazy idea. We were going to paddle around the coast of Sweden in a kayak.

The human body is fascinating. There are many wonderful people that with willing and inspiration made the dream a reality. Dreams are made to follow!

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